Elizabeth Jordan - Candidate for House District 134 - Gallery

on the campaing trail
The Maine coast
Camgaigning with Jared

Presenting the issues

Enjoying the Maine coast

Campaigning with Jared Hirshfield

With grand-kids

GOP Convention 2022

Read about Elizabeth's campaign in the Portland Press Herald

GOP Convention 2022
GOP Convention - Freedom! Convention 2022
Elizabeth with Gov. LePage
Elizabeth with Gov. Paul LePage.
At The Dinner Table member meeting
At the Dinner Table With Rep. Jack Ducharme and Katrina Smith, and Katrina Smith running for
House District 62.  The energy at this meeting of liberty loving people was incredible! 

Elizabeth is a marathoner
Elizabeth is a marathoner.
Signaures validated
Signatures verified in Augusta.
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Please CLICK HERE to view a  video created by the Maine Policy Institute that shares Liz's story. Part of a series on THE COVID CATASTROPHE.

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