Elizabeth Jordan - Candidate for House District 134 -  Kennebunkport, coastal Kennebunk, and coastal Biddeford.

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From Elizabeth:

  • I will put the Maine people first. I will listen to and act upon your concerns and act within the framework of the Constitutions of our state and our nation.

  • I believe in law and order and in individual liberty as well as personal responsibility. We need  more accountability in government.  Taxpayers need to know how their tax dollars are being spent.  I will work to lower the tax burden that is so heavy here in Maine.

  • I understand that small businesses are the bedrock of our economy, including tourism and our seafood industry, and will work towards less government and regulatory intrusions.

  • I am in favor of school choice and believe that parents have every right to know what is being taught to their children in school.

  • I am  concerned about election integrity, and will work for a return to voter ID and paper ballots. We need to know that our votes matter, and are properly counted.
Elizabeth Jordan

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Elizabeth Jordan for House District 134
From Liz :

I was born in Portland and raised in Bangor.  For many years I Iived in Virginia and raised my three amazing children.  While I enjoyed my life in Virginia, I was happy and comforted to return home to Maine almost five years ago.  I have settled into the beautiful coastal community of Cape Porpoise.

In Virginia, I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University, married my southern gentleman, and spent my adult years as a homemaker and mother. I volunteered in many ways in my community: In the schools, in the church, and in the local food co-op, serving as its director and bringing fresh food from the farm to local tables. I have worked in assisted living health care and I have volunteered at an equestrian ministry that serves our patriotic veterans.

I returned to Maine in September, 2017, the year following the passing of my husband of thirty years. I had been longing to return home and knew it was time. Maine has always been a healing place for me.  I sold our house and most of our possessions and moved to Kennebunkport. I have not looked back. I love my home state and her people and will work hard to make Maine life “the way life should be”, as her slogan says.

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